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SEO Writing

Tips On Writing An Effective SEO Article

What Is SEO Writing

Most people might be wondering what an SEO writing is. To a lot of people, writing is simply putting words in logical, orderly manner to convey a message or set of ideas. Granted, that is more or less what article writing is all about. But not all articles are written with the consciousness of search engines. SEO writing therefore is the process of writing copy or an article with the search engines in mind. It is a process of tuning a piece of writing in a way that the search engine will love and appreciate.

In order to write an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing, some rules and codes must be applied. Also, there are basic things a writer should know and understand before he could succeed in this highly coveted type of writing. Having this knowledge can transform an article from ordinary to extraordinary piece of work that will earn it many clicks. Let us look at the advantages SEO writing offers.

Advantages of Seo writing

  1. SEO writing is like a compass to travelers in a desert or GPO to drivers in an unknown area. The crawlers and robots of the search engines will quickly go through a website and index it faster than an ordinary article or piece of writing on the net.
  2. Without wasting time, the subject matter of the content is almost instantly known and understood in matter of seconds.
  3. The above 2 advantages make the content more relevant and therefore scores higher in the eyes of the search engines.
  4. Because of the preceding three elements, the site attains higher ranking than other ordinary articles.
  5. Any updates by Google and other search engines cannot affect a good SEO content. This means the writing can attain perpetual value no matter what happens.
  6. Because SEO content is coveted by almost everybody on the net, other sites might use the copy, thereby bringing quality back-links to the site where the SEO writing is published. Content is the king, but back-link is the queen as they say.

Then let us look at what makes up an SEO writing. Putting it another way, what are the elements of an SEO writing. Knowing the components of an SEO writing, a writer will be able to turn any piece of article to an SEO writing.

Components of An SEO Writing

Whether writing a copy or article, there are some elements and rules that should be adhered to in order for the a particular article to be considered as SEO writing. Let us group them below for easy comprehension.

Keywords Density and Relevance of Topic

SEO writing is done with specific keywords in mind. There should be one, two or even three major keywords that the article focuses on. It is advisable to have other secondary keywords and tertiary ones. They all should be relevant to each other.

For example, acne can be the main keyword with children acne, pimples as secondary keywords. However it will be quite irrelevant having headache as secondary keyword for acne. You get the gist.

The main keyword should appear in approximately 2.5% in the whole body of the page, placed as close as possible at the beginning of each sentence. This is to show the search engine crawlers without mincing words the main keywords you are targeting.

Tags And Necessary Codes

Every writer serious with his art should know some basic HTML tags in order to do well in SEO writing. This is because the search engine robotic crawlers understand HTML tags. This needs not scare anybody however as you will soon see. The most important ones are the H1, H2,H3 tags, then bold, the italic and anchor links.

H1 tag is the most important. Writing this is simple, it starts with '<h1>' and ends with '<h1/>', the '/' means h1 ends there. For a clearer understanding, at the beginning of this article, "What Is SEO Writing:" is in between the h1 opening '<h1>' and h1 closing '<h1/>'. Also "Advantages of an Seo writing" is between h2 opening and closing, while "Components of An Seo Writing" is inserted between h3 opening and closing tags. What all these indicate in this SEO writing is that those three are sub-headings of the main title.

For effectiveness, all the tags should contain the main keywords, and other relevant, possibly long-tailed ones should be sprinkled all over the body of the document altogether.

Links and Hyperlinks

In the Google Panda update, one of the complaints was lack of links and hyperlinks in most of the pages on the net. As a rule, the <a href="http://mysite/">hyperlink</a> should have a link to the home or another page of the site the writing is for. The main keyword should be the anchor text. You can use your favourite html editor software or any free text editor to type the code.

Apart from links to internal page of the website, Google as well demands at least a link to an authority site. That means a site that has more page rank than the current site where the SEO writing is hosted. Most often than not, I love linking to a relevant Wikipedia or other authority sites relevant to the niche in question. However the link should contain no follow, for example if I am linking to a page in Wikipedia, I will add the rel="nofollow" attribute, so that to the search engine, it is for reference only and not to be followed. This adds credibility to the page you are creating and prevents your website from transferring page rank to the external site.

What I do most of the time however is embed a relevant video from Youtube in the site. This serves two purposes: It turns my writing to a multi-media article (audio, video and writing). Youtube as an authority site also serves as reference to the page.

Other things that most people do in SEO writing is making the main keywords bold and italicize the secondary ones. The choice is yours but I don't think it is of utmost relevance to Search Engine Optimisation.

Add Images and Tag Them

As much as possible, always add an image or two. There are lots of relevant royalty free images on the net, insert them, but please tag them. If you don't know how to do that, simply search for text editors that will automatically tag your images for you. If your site is WordPress site however, there are premium plugins that can do the work for you automatically.

As you can see, SEO writing is not rocket science. Since you're already a writer, you only need to adjust your writing and upgrade your skill in basic HTML.

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