Technical Writer

Technical Writer

Advantages of a Technical writer

A technical write is a special type of a writer. If you have this skill, you are very lucky. Not all writers can be successful in technical writers. However, it is very easy to nurture this skill and establish yourself as a professional technical writer. There are many people who are congested in the writing field, but very few have tried their hand in technical writing. Therefore, a professional technical writer has the best opportunity to earn and stay ahead of the competition in the field. Unlike creative writers, a technical writer has to specialize in one field. To succeed in this field, you have to focus on one subject that you are good in and write on it. One technical writing project can earn you an equivalent of five creative writing projects, if you have a name in the field.

How to become a successful technical writer

You cannot become a successful technical writer overnight. The following are tips on how to become a successful technical writer:

  • Concentrate on only one technical subject.
  • Get some formal training.
  • Practice regularly to refine your skill.
  • Become a freelance writer.
  • Write quality work in order to impress employers and win more writing bids.
  • Establish your credibility by avoiding duplicate copies.
  • Write in proper grammar.

Advantages of becoming a freelance technical writer

The highest paid technical writer is the one who works as a freelancer. As a freelance technical writer, you will earn a lot of money compared to an office based technical writer. As a freelancer, you will access as many technical writing projects as possible. You will receive as much money as possible, depending on the number of projects you submit.

You are entirely your own boss, and so you control the amount on your paycheck. If you wish to work for 24 hours a day, there are no restrictions. All we require from you is high quality piece of work so that we can maintain our credibility. Delivering high quality will also attract may more new clients and this will mean that there will always be work for you. We display as many projects as possible so that you can select the ones that are doable. If requesters are happy with your work such that your account receives five stars for five consecutive papers, you receive an incentive of five dollars.

As a freelance technical writer, you can choose what to work on and what to ignore. You only concentrate on those projects that you are most comfortable with. Nobody forces you to write on subjects that are unfamiliar to you, or on complex projects. Freelance writing sites such as understand that money is the chief motivation for freelance technical writers, and so we will your bank account will never show a negative balance because we also take the initiative to reward your quality work with handsome bonuses.

You do not need to keep walking searching for a career as a technical writer. Neither do you have to worry about commuting costs, time spent on traffic jam and frustration from interviewers. All the employers you wish to work for are all on the internet, and you may never have to meet them in order to work for them. Just sign up for an account and work as much as you need. There are no interviews or any commuting. Get a computer or a laptop, and ensure that you have an account with us. With the right skills of a technical writer, internet connection and a Paypal account, set up a virtual office in your house and receive your earnings without leaving your home. You can work as early or as late as possible, as long as you have all it takes to deliver quality work.

Advantages of hiring a freelance technical writer

Hiring a freelance technical writer comes with many benefits. The first benefit you get is reduced operation costs. Freelance writing sites offer benefits for both the writers and the requesters. These two parties are equally important, and are treated in a very special way. As a requester, the first incentive we offer is a free account. There are many freelance writing sites available but most of them ask for a membership fees. Such sites will not give you access to technical writing services until you pay a certain amount of money. In addition, some sites will ask for a monthly subscription fee that will only increase your monthly operation costs. At, we are different. You sign up for free and post projects for free. What we ask for is your cooperation by asking for upfront payments for projects requested. However, this amount remains in your account till you get a copy that meets your specifications. At the end, you only pay for only the work done.

Freelance technical writers are very affordable. Our rates are usually fixed, and are based on the number of words that you need for each article. If you were to outsource for writers via the newspapers or magazines, you may end up paying a huge sum of money for a very small project. For instance, technical writers who specialize in proposal writing or writing of business plans may ask for up to 25 per cent of your budget. This is very costly, and may bring your business down. Cut down on start up costs by hiring through freelance writing sites such as You only pay for the number of words written, not the nature of subject requested.

Freelance technical writers deliver quality work, and you can manage the quality of work that you desire. We do our best to ensure that all work is original and that all our technical writers are experienced in specific fields. Writers are requested to choose the subjects that they are good in, and we also ensure that the writers maintain high quality work by introducing a writer ranking system. You can rate each writer after every submission in order to rate their technical writing skills. Writers are very cautious of their status and will work towards maintaining a high status by delivering quality articles.

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