Top 50 Entrepreneurs

Top 50 Entrepreneurs

All time top 50 entrepreneurs

All time top 50 entrepreneurs
All time top 50 entrepreneurs
Everyone Wants to be the BEST
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A number of entrepreneurs have come up in the recent years. However, based on the level of technology and facilities available today the past entrepreneurs can’t be ignored. It is in the same way that Isaac Newton remains in books despite the fact that there are new inventions.

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Below are the top 50 entrepreneurs known in history.
Industrial entrepreneurs
Upward to Progress
No Risk – No Reward
Benjamin Franklin (1706 to 1790): he is one of the original American entrepreneurs whose success came from his publications.

John Rockefeller (1838 to 1937): he was an investor in the oil industry. In 1870, he founded Standard Oil Company and later became the richest man in the world in 1911.

Henry Ford (1863 to 1947): he was an investor in the automobile industry. Ford founded Ford Motor Company and produced cars that were less expensive thus favoring many customers.

Cyrus McCormick (1809 to 1884): he was the inventor of the horse drawn reaper that became popular with farmers due to his promotions. He was later referred to as ‘the father of modernized agriculture.’

Andrew Carnegie (1835 to 1919): he was a successful entrepreneur in the steel industry. He helped USA to surpass Britain in the output of steel in the 19th century which was the time when he was described as the world’s richest man.

Please tell me some of these names ring a bell?
Financial entrepreneurs
Money and Creative Though
A Match Made in Heaven
Charles Schwab (Born in 1937): he was the pioneer of discount brokerage business. He empowered the consumers by decreasing trade commissions and later launched e-commerce for his clients.

Morgan J. P (1837 to 1913): he started investing in railroads then proceeded to public utilities and the steel industry. Morgan later invested in banks and he’s known for refinancing the U.S.A government war debt.
Charles Merrill (1885 to 1956): he invested in the stock market and founded Merrill Lynch in 1939 where he taught the importance of stock market as a dependable area of investment.

Amadeo P. Giannini (1870 to 1949): he founded Giannini Bank that served people of all economic levels. He offered mortgages, installments credit and automotive loans to his customers. He helped in reconstructing San Francisco city after the 1909 earthquake damages. His bank later was known as Bank of America.
Media entrepreneurs
Bring on the DRAMA
Martha Stewart (born in 1941): she has been a caterer, author, publisher and a TV personality. She has a distinct lifestyle and believes in doing something simple and sticking at it.

David Sarnoff (1891 to 1971):he was an investor and an innovator of commercial television and radio. What we know them today came from the mind of Sarnoff.

Robert Johnson (born in 1946): he founded Black entertainment Television and later became the first black billionaire in 2000.

Oprah Winfrey (born in 1954):Oprah started as a film actress and a producer. She is one of the most powerful and richest women in the world and joins Robert Johnson as the second Black billionaire.

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand the last two decades you’ve gotta know Martha and Oprah!

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Technology entrepreneurs
Leave the Technical to the Nerdy Geeks!
Technically you CAN Make it better
Steve Jobs (1955 to 2011): Jobs was great inventor and investor in computer technology. He developed the mac computer and since his death, was the CEO of Apple Inc.

George Eastman (1854 to 1932): he was an innovator and an investor in the area of photography.

Michael Dell (born in 1965): at 19, Dell dropped out of college after borrowing money from his grandparents. He founded Dell Computer Inc.

Can you imagine that?

Thomas A. Edison (1847 to 1931):he used profits from his inventions to fund his research. He is the inventor of light bulbs, motion picture projector and the phonograph.

Take a moment to bow down to the fabulous man!

Ross Parot (born in 1930):he left IBM as their sales man and borrowed 1000 dollars loan from his wife and founded his business under the name, Electronic Data Systems.
Consumer goods entrepreneurs
We Demand – They Supply
Custom Design Teams at their Best
Eberhard Anheuser (1805 to 1880) Adolphus Busch (1839 to 1913: Eberhand and his son in law were the first national beer brewers in U.S. They were also the first to use pasteurization thus allowing beer bottling.

Estee Lauder (1908 to 2004): she was an investor in cosmetics. She believed that quality goods advertise themselves.

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Madam C. Walker (1867 to 1919): she is an inventor and investor in beauty products. She started with beauty products for black women.

Asa Candler (1851 to 1929): he created Coca-Cola, bottled it and sold it to consumers.

W.K. Kellog (1860 to 1951): he developed corn flakes and sold them to consumers.

Milton Hersheley (1857 to 1945): he invested in food products such as Candy, milk chocolate and sweets.

Dentists just love this guy!
Franchising entrepreneurs
Think Chain Restaurants
Dream Big and Attain
Ray Krock (1902 to 1984): he made food products that were sold in his restaurants and refined the processes in their production leading to increased productivity.

Harland Sanders (1890 to 1980): he started as a cook and later opened his Sanders Café where his success began.

Juan Trippe (1899 to 1981): he was the founder of Pan American airline.

Ralph Lauren (born in 1939): he invested in fashion design.

Phil Knight (born 1938): he is the Nike founder.

Levi Strauss (1829 to 1902): he was an investor in the area of clothing, Levi jeans being the most popular.
Entertainment entrepreneurs
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P. T Barnum (1810 to 1891): he was a master showman who produced ‘The Greatest Show on the Earth,’ a very famous film.

Louis B. Mayer (1885 to 1957): he founded Metro Goldwyn Studios and worked with Hollywood Mogul.

Walt Disney (1901 to 1966): he built Walt Disney Empire that produced famous films such as Pinocchio.

My Hero!

George Lukas (born in 1944): he created industrial light and magic which enabled him to rise to popularity.

Berry Gordy (born 1929): he founded Motown Records in Detroit and his success begun here.
Hospitality entrepreneurs
People Pay Top Dollars For Quality
William Becker (1921 to 2007) and Paul Greene (1914 to 1994): they founded the Budget in the 1960s.

J. Marriott (born in 1938): he invested property management.

Conrad Hilton (1887 to 1979): he founded his first hotel in 1943 and later expanded to what is known as Hilton Hotel today.
Internet entrepreneurs
Masters in Online Internet Marketing
Experts in Manifesting Money
Jeff Bezzos (born in 1964): He is the founder and the CEO of

Steve Case (born in 1958); He is known in the area of online games.

Pierre Omidyar (born in 1967): the founder of the online auctioning site known as eBay.
Retail entrepreneurs
One Stop Shops ROCK
Aaron Montgomery Ward (1843 to 1913): inventor of the retail magnate.

Sam Wanton (1918 to 1992): the founder of Sam Walton Wal-Mart.

Richard Sears (1863 to 1914) and Alvah Roebuck (1864 to 1948): they founded Sears, Roebuck and company in 1893.
Transportation entrepreneurs
Arriving Faster = Better
Proof People Pay For Convenience
William Harley (1880 to 1943) and Arthur Davidson (1881 to 1950): incorporated an engine in a bicycle and later developed Davidson Motor bikes.


Herb Kelleher (born in 1931): an airline investor.

Fred Smith (born in 1944): an airline investor.

More investors may be added to this list of top 50 entrepreneurs. However, this can be accepted once approved and published. This is the available list hitherto.
Regardless of the genre, Entrepreneurs are an inspiration for us all. They believed enough in their thoughts and dreams to make them a reality. Do you think you’ve got what it takes?
If you do, I personally double-dog dare you to let us help! Your call my friend!

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