Types of Entrepreneurs

Types of Entrepreneurs

Types of entrepreneurs

Types of entrepreneurs
They come in every shape and size
Pick your color and GO FOR IT!
Entrepreneurship is the best form of making money, especially for people with a business mind. There are several types of entrepreneurs and each and every one of them has their good traits and their bad traits. In order to succeed in business, you need to know what kind of entrepreneur you are and understand yourself. This is the first step towards improving yourself into a better person. You can become a very accomplished entrepreneur within no time at all. There are several types of entrepreneurs as outlined below:
According to personal traits:
The serial entrepreneur
Calling All Serial Killers!
He has millions of brilliant ideas. His success depends on whether he is able to implement these ideas and make something out of them. This entrepreneur has a lot of energy and he uses it on his plans and innovations. He is not afraid to risk both his money and his reputation and when he starts something; he gets into the middle of it with everything he has. He is very good and enthusiastic at everything he does. He may however, not accomplish much due to his tendencies of starting one thing only to notice a better thing and jump off to it. He is very good at what he does and should, therefore, try to accomplish one goal at a time.
The lifestyle entrepreneur
Live it and Love it
This kind of entrepreneur is not that much into money making and becoming rich. He makes money, but also considers his attachment to the job. He highly regards his passion and drive for a job and he would not take a job he did not feel passionate about even if it pays how much.

Be passionate and succeed!

He places his heart first, and things like a good family, relationships and friendships are very important to him. He believes in purpose in life and it is always his drive. He is very passionate about his vocation. Sometimes he may not get anything done at all.
The social entrepreneur
He does what he does because of a certain drive. This drive may be termed as ambition. He sees the world in his own eyes and does not accept situations as they are. He is very much linked to people and the outside world because he has a genuine desire to help them and get them out of bad situations. He sees an opportunity for change in everything and he is very keen on what he wants done by him for the society.

Each use the tools available with strategic online marketing. They have to be doing something right don’t they?

He believes in transformation of the economy and such things and he does everything to change a bad situation. Most have a very poor background and they believe in changing their state of lack and inspiring many others to do the same.
According to vocation and career:
The seller
It’s all about the sell
He has a great way around people. He can convince you to purchase things even if you never intended to. He uses this to his advantage. He only makes relationships for business and he is always carrying his business cards wherever he goes. This includes the weddings and other social events.

If you can see you can be rich!

You will see him discreetly handing out his business cards and discussing business deals in cocktail parties. There is no sleeping for him as he is always on the move. He can make great changes everywhere because he relates his business to all that he does. Every moment he is awake is good for business and even though he may relax around people, he promptly goes back to his business mode when need arises. He is able to form new relationships with people he deems beneficial and expresses himself with relative ease. He also loves a good competition and achieving is important to him.
The innovator
Creative Minds think alike
He solely depends on his innovations to make money. He is very talented and will most of times come up with a totally new concept on his own. His main strength is that he has a unique thing that only him can know how to work with.

He is proud of his achievements and will normally parade them around and ensure everyone learns about them. He greatly values hard work and will not stop until he is able to put his ideas into actuality. He is also very focused and determined to show what he has on his mind. Most artistes and motivational speakers fall into this category.
The investor
Gotta Have Money to Make Money
He likes putting money into other people’s projects. He may not be very creative, but he has a penchant for good innovations. He walks around scouting for people with ideas who want them to be funded.

He may sometimes appear greedy because he takes another person’s innovation and make it work for him. He is very social and he likes talking to people about their careers and their ideas. He has a good listening ability and he never misses out on anything. He is very keen on his environment.
The technical expert
His selling point is his skills. Drivers, engineers, contractors, computer experts, auditors and doctors all fall under this category. They are specially trained for their field of specification. They know their skills are unique and they like to sell them well. They value their skills very greatly. They are often able to form their own businesses such as consultancies or in the case of doctors, hospitals where they offer their services at a fee. They do not take side whatsoever and they may sell their services to the highest bidder.

All these types of entrepreneur as are may be a description of you. You may find that you are a combination of two or more types of entrepreneurs. A good entrepreneur is able to gauge himself and his abilities. He is also able to outline his goals and to be honest with himself about his motivations. Knowing these types of entrepreneurs will help you to be able to categorize yourself into any of the types and be able to understand yourself more. This way, you will be in a better position to establish a business and make it work for you.

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