Web Writing

Web Writing

Web Writing: What You Need To Know

Web writing has become extremely important and it is not too difficult to figure out why. There are billions of websites out there in cyberspace and virtually each and every one of them requires content. And because of the fierce competition between websites the content needs to be of excellent quality and lots of creativity also has to go into it so that the end result is that it is interesting to read and the visitor experience to the website is also as pleasant as possible.

Anybody who is interested in taking up web writing needs to know that there is a huge and growing demand for good writers of online content. The number of websites continues to explode day by day and there is no doubt that demand for web writing will continue to grow tremendously for many years to come.

Web writing is different

Web writing is very different from the conventional writing off the web which everybody is so familiar with. To understand the differences better one needs to start by appreciating the fact that information is distributed in a totally different way online. Traditionally and long before the World Wide Web came along, the usual way to read an article was in some newspaper or magazine that you liked reading on a regular basis. Usually the publication will tend to have a rather limited geographical reach and will most likely be a local newspaper. But even national magazines would have their reach limited within the country. On the web it is totally different because the most common way people come across an article is by entering keyword phrases in their favorite search engine. From the search results they get they then click through to the article which will usually be on a page of some website. And then there are absolutely no geographical boundaries when it comes to an online article. Even if it is targeted at Americans you can be sure that Americans based all over the world in far corners of the earth will be able to get easy access to it.

It is with this understanding that more and more webmasters and site owners are placing a lot of emphasis on quality web writing that targets very specific popular keyword phrases. It has become a very reliable and popular way for attracting traffic to any website or blog. Those who are still trapped in the old ways of promoting a website in the hope of attracting huge general traffic have various factors working against them. Top on the list is the fact that this kind of traffic which is not targeted is very low quality and will produce the kind of prospects who are only half interested at most. It can hardly be compared with the highly targeted traffic that is folks who key in specific keyword phrases looking for very specific information. Quality traffic is much more valuable because you will always get the kind of people who spend a lot more time on your site and are therefore a lot more profitable. Research has shown that the longer somebody spends on your site the more likely they are to make a purchase or click on a PPC ad that will put money into your pocket.

SEO Web Writing

What is now being demanded from virtually all content providers is search engine optimized (SEO) web writing. This is the kind of writing where the web writer has to work in keyword phrases into the article. And not just any keywords. You will need very carefully selected keywords for your web writing to have impact in search engine results. What will be needed before any writing starts is an intensive and time consuming keyword research session. What you will be looking for are non competitive but popular keywords where you can have a decent chance of ranking highly with search engines and in this way you will be able to attract traffic to your article and the website in question.

In this kind of environment it is impossible for anybody to do web writing without fully grasping and understanding search engine optimization and exactly where to place your keyword phrases. This is usually in your title, in the first sentence, a few times within the article and then in the last sentence of the last paragraph. At the same time you will need to be careful not to overuse the keywords. When you use them too many times that is considered keyword stuffing and you will get penalized for it. Acceptable levels of eyword density in articles this days is between 2 and 3 per cent. However if you are a freelance web writer writing for clients, you will need to follow your instructions from the client to the letter.

Why Web Writing has to Be A Lot Faster

One of the other huge differences between web writing and writing for magazines and newspapers is the speed at which the articles must be written. With a magazine article it can take you many hours and even days before the final article is ready to be published. Web writing does not have that luxury of time. It is critical that you churn out your articles as rapidly as possible while retaining the best possible quality. This is not easy to achieve but neither is it impossible. You just need to be focused and be prepared to put in plenty of practice for web writing.

Why is speed so important with article web writing? This is because you need plenty of articles to make an impact as far as SEO is concerned. One article or a few just won't cut it. You need plenty of articles. In fact for the best SEO effect you will need to constantly update your site with fresh new content. This will have a very positive effect on the amount of traffic you receive directly from search engines.

It is probably for the same reason that the rates for web articles is very low which means that in web writing you will need to churn out plenty of articles to earn a decent income.

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